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How I’m a part of helping employees Improve their happiness and well-being!

It’s never been clearer that we need to make taking care of others and ourselves a priority. One of the reasons I love being an accredited mediator is because I get the privilege of working with people though tough stuff, and by dealing with that tough stuff they are taking care of themselves. By working to manage and resolve conflicts, face important difficult conversations, and communicate more productively when they’re angry they are removing stress, strengthening relationships and becoming better problem solvers when new conflict arises. Its


Conflict in our lives is inevitable

The Because conflict in our lives is inevitable. If we deal with it well we’re preventing sleepless nights and workplace anxiety. That’s a wellness benefit for us and for those around us. That’s why my mission is to make conflict resolution tools and strategies available to everyone.


It’s why I’m really excited to announce that a project I worked on in the fall is now live. I was approached by an incredible company to create some content for their clients around managing and having those important difficult conversations we all have in our lives. It felt like such a great fit, a North American digital wellness platform and my love of talking conflict resolution!

LifeSpeak Expert Sarah Turl


 I’m a LifeSpeak Expert and my content is live!

LifeSpeak creates incredible resources for companies to share with their employees that help them manage their well-being. They understand that people’s personal lives don’t stop existing the minute they walk into the office or (log on to the office these days.) They’ve got a great roster of over 2,000 experts who have created videos, blogs and podcasts that focus on issues that everyone deals with. LifeSpeak Home

To say that I am honoured to be a LifeSpeak Expert is an understatement. LifeSpeak’s mission to support employees as people speaks to my soul. Mental Health issues are a big focus of theirs and the corporations who subscribe to their content are giving their employees access to some awesome support and resources.

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I can’t believe that self-conscious me agreed to be on camera!

Working with LifeSpeak gave me an opportunity to get to know them, and I can honestly say that their team walks the talk. They truly are motivated by the goal of creating change and being a positive force in the world. Again, I’m so proud to be a contributor. Healthy conflict management is an important piece of our well-being.

Difficult conversations can range from telling your co-worker that they’ve crossed a personal boundary to telling your mother-in-law that she really hurt you with the comments she made last year that you still haven’t gotten over. They could be about approaching your partner about financial issues, or bringing up estate planning or a manager needing to talk to an employee about performance concerns. They are unavoidable in life.

How we approach them can have a big impact on the outcome and the content that LifeSpeak asked for addresses this. There are 6 videos that LifeSpeak members can watch, from preparing for a difficult conversation to what to do after you’ve had that conversation to keep the momentum going.


Avoiding tough conversations isn’t healthy

It isn’t healthy to avoid tough conversations, when we avoid important things because they are going to be hard we don’t solve things. All we do is creating an ongoing stress that little by little can wear us down. My clients usually express such relief after working with me to have those difficult conversations. There’s a sense of accomplishment that they faced something hard, and did it in a productive and kind way.

And the best part? Those tools are yours forever once you’ve put them in your toolbox, ready for your next difficult conversation. You can share them with your co-workers, friends and family. You can spread that knowledge everywhere!

If you or your organization would like training or support around difficult conversations, book a consultation to learn how I can help. Schedule a consultation here

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Sarah Turl is an accredited mediator who is passionate about helping people achieve the impossible, turning difficult conversations into productive difficult conversations!  Giving employees tools and skills to improve conflict management is a win-win in her eyes.
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