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Making conflict resolution feel approachable for everyday disputes.

Well this is me, I’m a real person.

I choose this photo because I believe it encompasses what I want this blog to be about…..A mediator who never forgets that she is a real person, helping real people solve conflicts.  

This blog is going to be lighter than I think most people will expect to find on a mediation website, I’m not going to write up about my experiences mediating because I want to ensure that clients feel 100% safe in my sessions.  I may write about speaking engagements or workshops however, because I think that those are just darn interesting.

So what will this blog be then?  It’s going to be about me, my life and experiences as a small business owner, and about life with Walter, my mediation greyhound.  You’ll learn what it’s like to work with someone who naps beside you all day long, and about how giving him kisses behind his ears helps me deal with the stress of running TOWARDS conflict so that I can bring my best to my clients.  

I hope you’ll keep tuning in, and I promise I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.  We’ll learn and grow together and also have some fun along the way.   

Don’t forget, conflict causes us a lot of stress and stress causes us all sorts of troubles, from tossing and turning at night to avoiding events and places that we don’t want to miss.  Mediation helps you manage conflict so that you can start shredding the stress of your conflicts.  I can’t relieve the stress of spring cleaning, but together we can at least clean up some of the disagreements in your life.  Big or small, I am on a mission to bring the benefits on mediation to everyone.  Contact me to find out if I can help you. My goal is to make conflict resolution feel approachable after all.

One last important note, while the website is still being worked on, the amazing photographs are here to stay.  You can find one of Toronto’s best photographers over at and you too can have awesome images.  I’m always in awe of her work, she is incredibly talented and experienced with over 17 years in the industry.  

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