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Assisting You with Life’s Difficult Conversations and Challenging Disagreements

I get it, conflict is stressful and intimidating and maybe it even feels embarasssing to admit you need some help with it.  But resolving or managing conflict doesn’t have to feel impossible.  YOU have the power to start moving forward towards solutions, and I’m here to help you.

With services ranging from one-on-one conflict management coaching to full scale mediations (and everything in between) you’ve come to the right place to equip yourself with tools and strategies to manage and resolve disputes.


I’m Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m passionate about helping people manage and resolve conflicts.
When you’re in in the middle of a dispute, and emotions are running high, it can be hard to see a way out. That’s normal, we all experience it.
My aim is to make conflict management and resolution available to everyone. Empowered Results is all about getting people talking productively and kindly, even when they disagree.
Shifted perspectives and improved communication, all under the guidance of a trained professional can help you find the solutions, and the peace of mind that you’re looking for. I’m here to help you, let’s get started!

What I Do

Facilitated Conversations

A facilitated conversation creates a structured, and fair environment that allows both sides to gain better understanding and start talking solutions.
Less formal than a mediation but still with a trained mediator facilitating, a difficult conversation becomes a productive difficult conversation. Both sides remain in control of decisions made, but you’ve got somewhat of a referee to keep the conversation focused.

1:1 Conflict Management Coaching

Work with a trained mediator one-on-one to create plans and processes centered around how you deal with conflict and what actions you will take to manage the situation. Most people run from disagreements; conflict coaching gives you the tools to deal with it.
Someone neutral can be helpful as a sounding board and present potential different perspectives to consider.


Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes, using an independent neutral person who helps both sides come to the table to discuss and create a practical agreement. The sturcture of a mediation session can be helpful to open up new solutions in an environment where everyone feels safe to talk.
Mediation is voluntary and no decisions are made without agreement from both sides.


"I have had many discussions with Sarah regarding conflict resolution for my clients and myself. Sarah was very helpful in helping me see how to de-escalate the emotions involved.


"Sarah helped me understand another perspective and that allowed me to change my behaviour and expectations in dealing with my family member. I have been able to continue that family relationship, and it has improved too, because of Sarah. "


"Sarah has an amazing approach to making both sides feel comfortable."


"By keeping her cool she effortlessly zeros in on the relevant facts & issues of all types of conflict and remains focused on the big picture so as to not drag out what are often painful and emotionally charged interactions. When your discussion gets heated her ability to remain neutral allows her to be the calm in the storm so she can bring both sides together to find a solution that everyone can live with."


"I enjoyed working with Sarah. She’s extremely bright and has the managerial courage to cut to the root of problems with penetrating insight. "


"Passionate about getting to the heart of the matter, Sarah has the ability to get people on board with ideas and understanding different perspectives. She is professional and approachable, putting all parties at ease. I've had the pleasure of seeing Sarah in action as a speaker/trainer and facilitator and would not hesitate to recommend Empowered Results Mediation for anyone experiencing conflicts of either a personal or business nature."



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